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Install Your Home Charging Station for your Hybrid or Electric Vehicle Today!

Charge your electric or hybrid vehicle from the comfort and safety of your own home. Home charges offer flexibility and extremely fast charging, and can add value to your home’s resale value. You will never have to worry and waste time finding a commercial charging station

How much faster is the charging speed with a Home Charging Stations?

Level 2 (240 volt) home charges offer extremely fast charging times, sometimes up to 10 times faster than a regular 120V outlet. Having a Level 2 Charging station uses a 240-volt power source, like the one that you plug your oven and clothes dryer into.
For example: A mercedes B Class 250e can take 20 hours to fully charge (87 miles of range) with a standard 120-volt charging station. A 240-volt Level 2 charger can fully charge a Mercedes 250e in just 3 hour.
Why settle for a slow or poorly set up charging system? Let Flowtron Electric’s professional and skilled electricians set you up with a fast electric car charger right at home!

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Dealer Charge Point

ChargePoint offers world-class service products and support to meet your needs at every stage of the EV charging experience. From site planning to installation and set-up, to ongoing care, when you choose ChargePoint, you’re covered. Accurate site qualification, quality site preparation and professional installation are crucial for the ongoing reliability of your EV charging stations. To ensure your stations are installed with the highest quality standards at the lowest possible cost, ChargePoint has partnered with the professionals at Flowtron Electric to provide you with high-quality design and installation services. Our ChargePoint trained and certified partners are contractually committed to offering the highest level of certified services at a competitive benchmarked price. Due to their advanced training and expertise, choosing a ChargePoint O&M partner automatically qualifies your stations for ChargePoint Assure on-site maintenance and management plan purchases. ChargePoint’s solutions are versatile and can be customized to meet your charging goals. With the purchase of ChargePoint’s Activation and Configuration service, a specialist will consult you directly to guide you in the set-up and activation of your stations.

Based on your needs, we’ll set up all your charging policies as well, including pricing, access control, administration rights, advertisements and more. In addition, we’ll provide you with the kind of expert advice on best practices that comes from establishing and operating the world’s largest EV charging network.

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